Thursday, March 9, 2017

For Those Of Us Not Beholden To Hallmark

Apologies for apparently being a day late and a dollar short on the whole International Women's Day celebration. Frankly, as a man who has basked in the glory of being the youngest child of a woman as tough and as resolute as any being who has ever lived - or shall ever live - I did not give due consideration to the setting aside of just one specific day on the calendar for her and for every woman I know who has followed in her footsteps and  who as emulated her. My wife, three sisters, two sisters-in-law, a gaggle of cousins, several nieces, a couple of great-nieces, one daughter-in-law, and one daughter - who is a couple of months away from introducing the next generation of bad-ass woman to my world - jump immediately to mind. 

If you are an individual who needed yesterday to jump start your understanding of and appreciation for the significance of women in your day-to-day, then I am less than optimistic about the likelihood of whatever you learned from yesterday staying with you going forward - regardless of its prominence in your Twitter feed.   

In my world, Joanie K is a bad-ass every day...

...and a reason for celebration too. 


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