Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Celebrating the Lion's Arrival

This past weekend - March's first such contribution to the 2017 calendar - was considerably colder than any of its February predecessors.  It was a couple of days during which the sun's appearance was for lighting effect only.  It generated an amount of warmth that one might have referred to, if one was feeling charitable, as "negligible".

Under bitter cold, sun-soaked skies, I availed myself of the opportunity to run along the water on Saturday morning, and again, on Sunday morning.  As is my practice, I was up and out pretty early.  The upside about finishing my morning run by 7:30 am is that it leaves the rest of the day wide open.  The downside is that - on a bitterly cold day - it means that my run (from start to finish) takes place in conditions that are not a whole lot of fun in which to run.  This was especially true on Sunday morning since the northeast wind that had started blowing mid-afternoon on Saturday continued blowing with an unrelenting consistency.  

Regardless of the Mercury - or more properly I suppose the almost-complete lack thereof- both days this weekend proved to be beautiful.  The Missus and I spent Saturday night, with Lynne, at The Saint in Asbury Park, taking in some live music, courtesy of Crimson Voodoo.

Proof that even from ten feet away, the bass player
(hidden behind the keyboard player) gets short shrift
I must confess that Lynne and I had a far better time than Margaret did.  My wife is an incredibly good sport - even when being so requires her to spend an evening in a place that is located a considerable distance outside of her comfort zone.

Although her rather tepid reaction to Saturday night's festivities might serve to explain her complete lack of sympathy for me when I returned home from my run on Sunday morning as a shivering "Fatsicle".  The combination of the cold temperature and the wind served to keep foot traffic on the boardwalk to a bare minimum in the wee small hours of Sunday morning.  The other runner I passed seemed as confused as to what she was doing out there as I was regarding my own presence.  Before hypothermia set in, I squeezed off a few photographs of the morning's glory...

17th Avenue Beach - Belmar (3/5/17)

Looking northeast from 17th Avenue Beach -Belmar

Early morning sun over the Atlantic
17 Avenue Beach - Belmar (3/5/17)

Sunday was Parade Day in Lake Como and Belmar.  The cold temperature did little to hold down the number of people who invaded our little hamlet to enjoy the festivities.  Margaret and I actually live across the street from Lake Como's Mayor, Brian Wilton, who I shall embarrass presently by calling him out for being a good man.  As I started my run Sunday morning, Hizzoner ambled down his front steps to bestow a nice bit of parade-inspired, Lake Como-themed swag upon me, which I wore when the Missus and I picked up our friend and neighbor, Tom Swales, at his house prior to the three of us making our way to Main Street for the parade.  

Parade Day Swag - Mayor Brian Wilton, Lake Como

The three of us began our Parade Day as Margaret and I had done last year, enjoying the hospitality of Matt Knehr and the good folks of Beach Haus Brewery.  More Parade Day-themed swag was ours for the taking...

Parade Day 2017 Swag - Beach Haus Brewery

...which meant that by 12:00 noon I had already scored myself a free hat AND a free beer mug.  All in all, that is a pretty damn solid Sunday in my book. 

Tom, Margaret, and I spent a while at Beach Haus, enjoying some adult beverages and taking in the view from the Brewery's balcony.  Courtesy of Tom's mad photog skills and wingspan, evidence exists of our time there...

The Missus in one hand and Parade Day Stout
in the other.  A good day indeed. (3/5/17)

Tom, the Missus, and Me at Beach Haus Brewery
(our faces almost did freeze like this) (3/5/17) addition to the memories that is.  One hell of a terrific weekend spent in a place that I love with the woman I love and some very cool, dear friends.  Before we know it, beach weekends dominated by 90+ degree temperatures and sauna-like levels of humidity shall be upon us.  We shall enjoy them when they arrive.  

Until then, irrespective of however cold the day might dawn, down the Shore everything remains more than simply alright, thank you very much.  


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