Saturday, March 4, 2017

At a Point on the Spectrum between Joji and the Giraffe

It may be March's first Saturday but - based upon the amount of traffic the site has received - it certainly appears as if a significant number of people have fixed their attention on April.  I have zero objection to the amount of press coverage it has engendered.  After all, it is not everyday that an heir to the Toys R Us empire is born.  

I am not surprised to learn that while he was Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence sometimes conducted official business via e-mail on his personal e-mail account as opposed to his official "Governor of Indiana" account.  It is as unsurprising to me to learn that he did so as it was to have learned more than I ever wanted to know about Hillary Clinton's practice of doing the same thing when she was President Obama's Secretary of State.   

Truth be told, I suspect that Mr. Pence and Mrs. Clinton represent the rule, rather than the exception, on this particular issue, which I also suspect that the ideologues on both sides will never acknowledge for fear of losing one plank from their righteous indignation platform.  What surprised me was that then-Governor Pence's personal e-mail account is an AOL account.  Did he fail to keep his Prodigy account current?  Has G-mail not yet crossed the border into the Hoosier State?    

In case you have been resistant to the "April the Giraffe" birth cam, keep in mind the sad, seemingly twisted tale of Joji, the Japanese porn junkie.  If he had passed his time watching April as opposed to...well as opposed to how he passed it then he might very well still be alive today.  


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