Friday, March 24, 2017

And So It Goes...

Next week not only marks the end of another month - and how quickly time passes when one's life is measured in tenths of an hour on little green sheets - but also the end of a far-too-brief era at the Firm. One of our Associates is doing what people do, which is to say heading off in pursuit of what he reasonably anticipates shall be a new, exciting adventure. 

Duncan is good people, which for a die-hard misanthrope such as me should be considerably more difficult to acknowledge than it is.  Never having formally measured his IQ I know not for certain what it is, precisely, but I can hazard a pretty good guess. I know that every now and again, when speaking with him, I feel as if I am packing the intellectual fortitude of a potted plant.  And one in need of sunlight and soil aeration to boot. 

A good, young, smart lawyer's departure is a loss to any firm.  It stings more when the lawyer in question is also one hell of a good human being.  When that occurs, you find yourself extending best wishes to someone to whom you wish you did not have to do so.  

Not because you do not want him to excel at his next job but because you wish he was sticking around a bit longer at his present one. 

And so it goes...


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