Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Heart of the Matter

I do not know the genesis of the Diocese of Newark's rule regarding the allegedly 'illegal' participation by two 5th grade girls on the St. John's School of Clark CYO basketball team, which participation had apparently been open and conspicuous for several seasons prior to this one.  

Nor do I know from whence an objection to that participation arose this year, which objection resulted in the Diocese's League Director informing the Athletic Director and Coach at St. John's School that the team would have to forfeit its final two games of the season, which were to have been played on Friday, February 10, and Saturday, February, 11, if the two girls suited up with their nine male teammates and, furthermore that the team's results for this season would be wiped out as well.   

By a tally of 11-0, the nine little boys and the two little girls on the St. John's School of Clark 5th grade CYO League basketball team voted that they would only play as they had all season - as a team.  If the girls were suddenly persona non grata, then their nine male teammates had their backs.  

I suppose that years from now, when one looks back at the official records of the Diocese of Newark CYO Basketball League, it will appear as if St. John's School of Clark did not field a team.  Truth be told, the school apparently fielded one hell of a team whose players, although only children, showed a "wise beyond one's years" comprehension of what is truly important.  

Well played, little hoopsters.  Well played, indeed.  


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