Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sometimes I Grow So Tired...

Today is Sunday, February 19.  Four weeks from today is Sunday, March 19, the veritable cusp of the Vernal Equinox, which is a very good thing.  It is also the date of the United Airlines Half-Marathon in New York City, which is (a) an event in which I shall participate; and (b) an event for which, presently, I am woefully unprepared.  Time will tell - as it always does.  This time I may not enjoy what it has to tell me very much.  

Idle thoughts from my rambling mind (in no particular order):

- Listened the other evening to Springsteen's "Magic" CD.  Under the heading of "what goes around comes around" it struck me just how many of the issues he addressed on that record are as relevant now as they were when he released it  a decade ago.  Of course, the fact that we may well be living in the future of which he sang is not a thought that gives me much comfort.  

- I am not a fan of organized religion, including but not limited to the Catholic Church in which I was raised.  Nevertheless, a tip of the hat to the new Archbishop of the Diocese of Newark, Cardinal Joseph Tobin, who directed that the Diocese's Director of its CYO basketball league reverse the decision to remove the two female members from the St. John's School 5th grade basketball team, reinstate the team's record, and allow the 11-member, co-ed bunch play in their league's playoffs.  Those eleven children taught the rest of us a lesson about the importance of doing the right thing and Cardinal Tobin ratified their decision by rewarding them for it.  Well done, all around. 

- A lifetime or so ago, I had the great pleasure of spending some quality time with Greg Toal, Sr.  Here in the State of Concrete Gardens, where we have parochial, private high schools that play football schedules that would make some Division I college programs blush, Coach Toal is a legendary figure.  Long before he arrived in Ramsey, New Jersey in 1999 to rescue Don Bosco Prep and to build its football team from a doormat into a State-and-National Championship-winning behemoth, he had won State titles at Hackensack High School.  It was while he was the Hackensack head football coach that I first got to know him - having been introduced to him by my then-boss, John Libretti, when I worked in John's small firm on Hackensack's Main Street.  Middle of this past week, Don Bosco Prep announced that Coach Toal suddenly "retired" and then proceeded to regale the local press with a story that was so confusing factually, one might have thought that Sean Spicer had directed them.  Whether the impetus to leave his position was his or was someone else's is - presently, at least - an unanswered question.     

And now, as the song says, it is time for me to go...

...such a pleasant stay. 


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