Monday, February 27, 2017

Paging Mr. Peterson...

Yesterday was actually a bit jarring around these parts - inasmuch as February's final Sunday actually felt like February.  Truth be told, a forty-five degree, sunshine-inundated day in February is always welcome in my book.  Yesterday included.

On Saturday night, the Missus and I went to our favorite little joint for dinner, Uncle Vinnie's in Raritan.  As we were waiting for seats at the bar, we ran into an old high school friend of mine, Rob DiLeo and his wife, who were there eating dinner with another couple.  I have seen Rob exactly twice in the thirty-five years since his class graduated from W-H - and both times have been at Uncle Vinnie's.

I am a firm believer that everyone needs a place that envelops you in a feeling of being exactly where you want to be the entire time you are there.  For me, Uncle Vinnie's is such a place.  Excellent food, good people, and a joint that is small and intimate enough to make you feel as if you know everyone with whom you come into contact - whether an old friend or not.


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