Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One Who Cast A Long Shadow

With apologies for being two days late and significantly more than simply one dollar short, today is dedicated to remembering - and to honoring the life of - Stuart Solomon, as gentle a giant who has ever walked among us.  Stu died far too young.  He did so on February 5, 2009.  Having failed to honor his memory in a timely fashion this year, attention is directed to what appeared in this space on February 5, 2016...



Turning Dust Into Gold

Time is an Illusion.
- Albert Einstein

But were that so in the case of the all-too-brief life of Stuart Solomon.  It is almost beyond my ability to comprehend that seven years have passed since Stu died, which he did on this very day in 2009.  A good man who deserved a better fate than to be betrayed by the mortally deficient heart that was called upon to power his larger-than-life self.  But betrayed he was.  

It was not until a couple of months ago that I realized that buried among all of the other long ago neglected crap in my basement was a cardboard box with stuff from my high school days, including my class's senior yearbook.  Had I been called upon to stake my life upon answering correctly the question whether I did possess a copy of it, until the moment I laid my eyes on it, I would have answered in the negative - and done so with complete confidence in the correctness of my response. 

I spent a few minutes thumbing through it, laughing more than a little at the abject silliness of the "dit dits" submitted by many members of our class, myself included.  Suffice it to say that 18-year-old Adam's understanding of "forever" bears only a very faint resemblance to 49-year-old Adam's understanding of that concept.  The inane declarations contained in that section of the yearbook notwithstanding, the little bit of time spent paging through it was indeed well spent.  I came across a photograph that immediately made me smile:

Em & Stu
(1985 W-H Yearbook)

While Em's smile is more well-defined than Stu's (and as someone who has the pleasure of seeing Em on a recurring basis now, accept my representation that she has aged approximately nineteen seconds since this photograph was taken), his smile and the look on his face tells you everything you ever needed to know about him.  It has been written that, "the eyes are a window to the soul".  The twinkle in Stu's reveals the benevolent, fun-loving spirit that inhabited his massive frame.  

Seven years gone.  But not forgotten... 

But love is a power greater than death,
Just like the songs and the stories told.
And when she built you, brother, 
She broke the mold...
- Bruce Springsteen 

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