Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just Like Slow-Rolling Cinnamon

It's not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship
That makes unhappy marriages. 
- Friedrich Nietzsche

I suspect that the Missus and I celebrate Valentine's Day in a manner that could fairly be described as "dissimilar" to a number of people we both know - at least based upon nothing other than a quick review of social media posts from this week.  Whether how we do what we do would work for you I know not.  Truth be told, I care not.  

Our Valentine's Day dinner was eaten, separately, and comprised of two completely different dishes that were eaten approximately ninety minutes apart.  I enjoyed some meatloaf when I got home from the office on Tuesday night.  Margaret was not home - she was on an expectant-mother-related mission with Suzanne.  On her way back to our house, she made what she intended to be a quick stop at her favorite sushi joint, Mr. Pi's in Warren Township, for her favorite - a green tea roll.  However, for reasons that remain unclear to me (it is not as if any of this time was devoted to cooking the aforementioned green tea roll) she did not leave Mr. Pi's with her food for more than ninety minutes.

For us, Valentine's Day consisted of a simple exchange of cards (the one I gave her was this little gem - which I modified slightly by adding, "including words that Bruce himself has not yet considered") and one present, which she gave to me but is really for both of us:

Happiness is a new welcome mat for our little Paradise by the Sea.  We shall take it with us to the Shore on Friday night and place it in its new home...and less than five minutes later Rosalita shall welcome it to the house by plopping herself down upon it and taking a nap.  

I am already looking forward to shaking the sand out of it this summer - and all of the summers that shall follow thereafter.  


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