Friday, February 17, 2017

Forward to the Past

Between work and a CLE Seminar, yesterday got completely away from me.  As luck would have it, on this date last year I was far better organized.  

And besides, giving a little love to a world-class member of the Herd is never, ever frowned upon in this establishment...


One Tough Buff

This past weekend it was cold beyond the point of frigid here in the State of Concrete Gardens. Weather cold enough to freeze Cupid's quiver, for certain.  An unpleasant couple of days - even for soft, whiny assholes such as Yours truly whose only exposure to the elements occurs when I move between my car and a building, such as my house, my office, or a specific destination.  A tip of the cap to those who earn a living working in the elements - even when those elements conjure up weather that is indeed not fit for man nor beast - and who keep on keeping on irrespective of the weather. 

Saturday afternoon, as the mercury languished in the single digits, I spent a couple of hours watching the Olympic Trials Marathon from Los Angeles, California.  The top three male runners and the top three female runners shall represent the United States in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio where, much like the Olympians on the swim team, they shall compete on a surface upon which they can run, which is not nearly as exciting for the swimmers as it is for the marathon runners.  

My favorite male marathoner, Meb Keflezighi, finished second among the men.  His second-place finish, in 2:12:20, earned him a spot on his fourth United States Olympic Team.  In May, Meb will turn forty-one.    In 2004 he won the Silver Medal in the Marathon at the Olympics in Athens, Greece.  In 2009, he captured the New York City Marathon.  Tragedy visited the Boston Marathon in 2013.  Meb won Boston in 2014, becoming the first American man to win the Boston Marathon since 1983.    

Kara Goucher, my favorite female marathoner (and not simply because she is a University of Colorado Buffalo, was a three-time national champion running for the Buffs in track-and-field and in cross-country, and her husband, Adam, is also a highly-decorated Buffalo) fell just short in her effort to finish on the podium.  She has battled injuries the past several years and, at age thirty-seven, had put together several months of excellent training.  She ran a terrific, spirited, ballsy race, which was good enough for fourth place.  She missed earning a spot on the Olympic Team by slightly more than a minute.  

Irrespective of what it is you do and the level at which you do it, your ability to control the outcome of your endeavor is far less than your ability to control the effort you put into trying to achieve that outcome.  At day's end, all any of us can do is all that we are capable of doing on that particular day.  Nothing more.  It may not necessarily be enough to enable us to realize our dream.  

Sadly, on a given day it may be just enough to break our heart...

After all, she is powered by the heart of a Buffalo.


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