Sunday, February 5, 2017

Best Sunday of the Month

I shall be awake in time to register this morning at 5:00 AM, which is when registration opens for this year's edition of the Spring Lake Five Mile Run.  

The 41st annual running of the race is Saturday, May 27, 2017, by which time I hope to be able to herald granddaughter #1's arrival by wearing my "BEST POP POP EVER" t-shirt that Suzanne and Ryan gave me.  

Hell, I may wear it whether she has arrived by race day or not.  No sense wasting any time throwing down that particular gauntlet. 

If you, too, are signing up for this year's Run, then happy registration day to you.  Nothing to me says, "Summer is here", quite like the Spring Lake Five Mile Run.  Today, we take one very big, important step in Summer's direction.    


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