Tuesday, January 3, 2017

He Is Good And, Now, He Is Nationwide...

On Friday, January 6, 2017, a young man named Vic Wise shall embark on the 4th Annual Freedom Ruck.  This Friday, as he has done every January since 2014, Vic Wise shall put a sixty-pound pack on his back and ruck more than 100+ miles in forty-eight hours.   You did not misread any of those three figures:  He shall cover 100+ miles in less than 48 hours while lugging 60+ pounds on his back.

He does this not simply because he can - although he most assuredly can.  He does it, as the son of a veteran, to "give back" to the military community.  All money that this year's Freedom Ruck raises shall be donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation, which has been the receipient of the Ruck's fundraising efforts since Vic strapped on his pack for the first time in 2014.  

Since this time last year, Vic Wise has embraced his inner Horace Greeley and moved west to the state of Washington.  His migration west not only has not put the kibosh on the Freedom Ruck, it has had the effect of turning it into a bi-coastal affair.  On Friday morning, at 7:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, a group - led by Ruck veterans Alex Miller, Robert Davies, and James Lafferty will begin a 100 mile trek north from the Virginia War Memorial to Arlington National Cemetery. 

At 4:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, Vic Wise will begin the inaugural West Coast Ruck in Seattle. His goal shall be to cover 100 miles of the Pacific Northwest in less than forty-eight hours...while carrying a sixty-pound pack on his back. 

It is one hell of a praiseworthy thing that this young man and his fellow Ruckers shall spend their weekend doing and if you want to help them help others, you can.  Donations can be made here.  


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