Thursday, January 5, 2017

Answering the Call of the Ghostly White Moon

It was on this very date, in 1998, I entered the offices of the Firm, as a soon-to-be thirty-one year-old associate, for the first time.  Way back when, the Firm was not located at its present address but, instead, at 299 Cherry Hill Road.  Way back when, among the people with whom I worked here were DJ, Jeff, T, Molly, Ollie, and Lonnie.  All of them long ago left the Firm in search of a new adventure, as did Tracey and Gracie, neither of whom were here in January, 1998, but who came and went from here in the two decades since.  And for good measure this week, depriving me of the chance to be today's "big story" around the office, Senator Lesniak.  

This morning I begin the 20th consecutive calendar year in which I have called the Firm "home".  I stepped out of here for a brief time, in early 2009, but returned soon after.  It has been said that familiarity breeds contempt.  That may in fact be true.  It breeds other things as well, including a whole host of things a hell of a lot better than contempt.  

I was a much younger man when I joined the Firm in January, 1998.  In 2017, both of my "children" are thirty-plus years old, are married, and Suzanne is expecting her first child.  In January, 1998, Suzanne and Rob were still members of the student body at Our Lady of Mount Virgin Grammar School in Middlesex.  Apparently, the two of them have really gotten old over the course of these past twenty years.  I kid of course.  All they have done during this time period is grow up.  

The jury remains out whether Yours truly has done likewise.  Come back on January 5, 2037 to find out if that question has been definitively answered.  

Until then, Mr. Seger, if you would be so kind as to play us out...


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