Wednesday, January 4, 2017

And Away We Go...

I offer no apology for the fact that in order to avoid having to go to bed several hours before the new year arrived, those of us who were gathered at Lynne's on New Year's Eve counted down to Brasilia, Brazil, which is three hours ahead of New Jersey.  Happiness is 12:00 Midnight that arrives at 9 PM.  A sentiment with which I am reasonably confident a certain, aging, pop diva shall agree.  If she did not before Saturday night, then perhaps now she does. 
2017 dawned bright and beautiful at the beach.  I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to get 2017 off to a running start, albeit neither a particularly long nor particularly fast one.  I left our little Paradise by the Sea and headed east on 17th Avenue to our beach, which looks no less beautiful (although considerably less crowded) in January than it does in July.


I ran south on the Boardwalk froma Belmar into Spring Lake.  It was such a nice morning that I could not resist stopping to take a magic featured a head so large that it made the Atlantic Ocean disappear.

I did not run to the southernmost point of the Spring Lake Boardwalk.  I did, however, go a bit beyond what is the destination of the September 11, 2001 Memorial Run, which remains marked all through the year by an American flag on the boardwalk. 

I ran home - north - through Spring Lake, which took me of course right past our little town's namesake.  It, too, looks equally beautiful in January and July...

...and ushered in 2017 in the most beautiful way possible.  

So far.  So good. 


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