Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Danger of Exceeding the Recommended Daily Dosage

Yesterday was a real "first-world problem" day at the Kenny hacienda.  Early yesterday morning, the Missus inadvertently washed her iPhone with a load of whites.  It turns out that Apple's technology is apparently waterproof only in the presence of colors.  Who knew?  Well, truth be told, we both sort of suspected it.  

Our efforts at rescuscitating her iPhone5 proved unsuccessful, although we put a considerable amount of white rice to good use in the undertaking.  We drove over to the Verizon store at the Bridgewater Commons Mall, which opened for the day (those lucky ducks) at 8:00 am and at which we arrived at or about 8:06 am.  We were incredibly well-assisted by a young man named Paul.  Memo to Verizon: Clone Paul.  He knew his stuff, was friendly, and showed one hell of a good sense of humor.  Your company - or any company for that matter - can never have enough Pauls. 

Margaret left the Verizon store with an iPhone7 and a rather crushed outlook.  The two minutes or so during which time her now-former phone was doubling as a submersible at the bottom of our washing machine apparently fried it (although we still have it fermenting inside of a bag of uncooked rice, just in case).  Paul was not able to get it to power up at all, which made it impossible for him to retrieve her contacts or her photos from it.  The Missus had apparently never paid a great deal of attention to the ceaseless reminders Apple sends about backing up her phone so, unless and until we can jumpstart it for even a moment, whatever photographs she had on it are gone forever. 

One apple a day may very well keep the doctor away, but a two-Apple day made my wife very, very sick.  Heartsick...

...for which medicine, modern or otherwise, has no cure. 


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