Friday, December 9, 2016

That Which Is Impossible To Tether

If the decision was mine to make
& Time was mine to tether,
I'd take a picture of this moment now
& freeze this frame forever...

We are reminded daily of the impossibility of tethering time.  If it could be tethered, then benevolent souls such as Rashaan Salaam would be forever twenty years old and blessed with an ability to dazzle us in a manner that often appeared to be effortless.

Rashaan Salaam - November 19, 1994
CU v. Iowa State 

Rashaan Salaam, forty-two years young, died on Monday night.  He was found in a Boulder park, approximately a mile - and a lifetime - away from Folsom Field.   Although the cause of death has not yet been officially announced, his family has disclosed that members of the team investigating it have told the family that a suicide note was found near his body.  Apparently, he battled depression for a significant portion of his life.  Tragically, depression won.  Today, in Boulder, his family and his friends shall gather to say farewell to him.  

I graduated from Boulder three years prior to Rashaan Salaam's arrival on campus.  I never saw him play in person.  Sadly, I never met him.  Everything I have read about him, both prior to his death and in the past several days since his death, painted a picture of a wonderfully gifted, exceptionally humble man who loved the game he played but not the spotlight that was deservedly shown upon him for the manner in which he played it.  

The Salaam family now apparently has joined the ranks of American families required to deal with a loved one's suicide.  Included among them are families who I have known for most of my life.  It is a pain with which no one should have to deal.  Yet, far too often, another family does.  


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