Thursday, December 8, 2016

Take A Moment, Please

I cannot even muster up the energy to pretend to be surprised by the POTUS-Elect's selection of this man to be the person in charge of the EPA.  Honestly, given his selection of this man to be this nation's Attorney General,  Pruitt's selection to be EPA Administrator is frighteningly consistent.  If an enemy of justice can be chosen to be the chief enforcer of this nation's laws, then why cannot an enemy of the environment be chosen to run the Environmental Protection Agency? Good news for the EPA's employees, your fleet of government-issued Prius hybrid vehicles is about to get shit-canned in favor of a fleet of Hummers.  Enjoy the ride! 

But I digress.  

When the Missus and I were down at our little paradise by the sea this weekend, I overheard some people talking about a car that the police had found abandoned on the Route 35 bridge in Belmar, which spans the Shark River and connects Belmar to Neptune City, in the wee small hours of Saturday morning.  Officers and divers from various agencies conducted a land and water search for any occupants of the abandoned vehicle all day on Saturday before calling off the search at or about 3:00 P.M.    

Authorities have determined that the driver of the vehicle is Sarah Stern, a nineteen-year-old girl from Neptune City, New Jersey, who was last seen driving away from her family's home in Neptune City on Friday night, shortly before midnight, in her grandmother's Oldsmobile 88, which would be found abandoned in Belmar approximately three hours later. As I write this, no one (family, friend, etc.) has reported any contact from her since she slid in behind the wheel of grandma's car on Friday night.

Media reports have described Sarah Stern as being 5'5" tall and weighing 130 pounds.  I have not seen any reports anywhere of what she was wearing when she was last seen.  The Monmouth County Crime Stoppers program is offering a $5,000 reward for information into her disappearance.   

Take a moment today to not only keep a good thought for Sarah Stern, her father, and her family, but also to share information about her with anyone and everyone you know, especially if you live as I do in the State of Concrete Gardens.  

Monmouth County Crime Stoppers Poster
Sarah Stern, Age 19

Your time and assistance are both appreciated very much. 


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