Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like January...

Is it possible that Christmas is only three weeks away?  That is a rhetorical question of course.  Even with my limited skills, I can do the math necessary to calculate the distance between this day and that one.  Not to be a show off but I also know that 2017 is but twenty-eight days away. 

Whether it shall come to pass or not, I do not yet know, but as of this morning I am scheduled to start trial tomorrow in Bergen County.  It occurred to me while I was doing some trial preparation work on Friday that I have not tried a case thus far this year.  That is one hell of a drought.  While it is never my preference to try cases in December (no attorney who defends civil cases has any interest in dealing with a "Christmas jury"), if this case actually is tried, then it hopefully will be a fun few days in Hackensack.

The concern you have - as the black-hearted defense guy - is that 'round these parts as December pops up on the calendar, people start getting touched by the "Christmas spirit".  As a general rule, people generous in spirit tend to be people who are generous with other people's money.  When those people end up on your jury - if you represent the person or party who is being sued - it can make for a rather uncomfortable experience for your side.  

December jurors are the polar opposite (see what I did there with the "polar" reference) from their January and February brethren.  In January and February, juries in New Jersey are filled with individuals who no longer think the weather that we are forced to trudge through on a daily basis feels anything at all like Christmas.  To them, it just feels cold.  Additionally, they are jurors who have now been confronted with the unpleasant reality of their decision to spread Christmas cheer - in the form of credit card bills swollen by purchases that they end up regretting for whatever reason. Those are my kind of folks.  

Here's to hoping that at least in Bergen County this week, 2017 has already arrived and that it is beginning to look a lot like January...

...inside of the courthouse anyway. 


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