Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hoping for a Stampede through the Museum where Daniel Whupped the Devil

On Friday night, in Santa Clara, California, the much-dreaded other shoe finally made its descent.  It landed squarely on the noggins of my beloved Buffaloes and knocked them silly, turning the Pac-12 Championship Game from a 14-7 contest at the half to a 41-10 blowout victory for the UW Huskies by game's end.  

Although Coach Mac and his charges fell one victory shy of their stated goal, it is impossible to view the 2016 season as anything other than an unqualified success for the Buffaloes.  To date, they have played thirteen games, of which they have lost but three.  On Sunday, December 4, they accepted a bid to play in the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.  On Thursday, December 29, 2016, the tenth-ranked Colorado Buffaloes will lock horns with their old friends from the Big Eight / Big XII Conference, the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  

Oklahoma State Cowboys v. Colorado Buffaloes
December 29, 2016 

Had the Buffs won the Pac-12 Championship on Friday night - and earned a berth in the Rose Bowl - then I might very well have taken Horace Greeley's advice and headed west to Pasadena, California for the game.  As it is, given the unfavorable treatment that Irish Catholics have historically received on trips to Texas, I shall watch the Alamo Bowl from the comfort and safety of my living room. 

Whether Coach Mac's kids can put the brakes on their one-game losing streak, and finish this magic carpet ride of a season with one more victory, I do not pretend to know.  My job is simply to root like hell for them, which I shall have the chance to do one more time this season.  I appreciate the hard work they have done thus far to present me with this opportunity...

...some punk's idea of a teenage nation has forced Santa Ana to change his station from soldier to cartoon.  


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