Tuesday, December 27, 2016

An Impermanent Thing

A glimpse, by definition, is an impermanent thing.
- Cash  ("The Family Man")

Christmas is now two days behind us, in the rear-view mirror and fading from view, a bit more every day.  Soon, the feeling of "Christmas" in the air shall give way to the bitter cold of January and February.

We, the people, have spent the past thirty days wishing one another well.  Tidings of comfort and joy and all that.  Is it a fact that, as a general rule, people seem to be nicer to one another between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Or is it simply a perception?  Does it matter?  Perception becomes reality, after all.  

The test of our mettle is approaching fast.  January shall be here by week's end.  In less than thirty days, the most obnoxious Presidential campaign in this nation's history shall culminate in the inauguration of our 45th President, an occasion heralded and feared in equivalent percentages.  What lies beyond Inauguration Day remains to be seen. 

You must remember this:  A glimpse is just a glimpse.  And a lie is still a lie.  

Shall we be merely impermanent or something altogether different...  

...as time goes by. 


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