Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Reading from the Book of Howard

Has it been forty years already?  Where has the time gone, Howard Beale, where has it gone?

Michael Stuban spent thirty-five years as an employee of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, and on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, he retired from the PTC as a mid-level manager.  As part of his retirement from the PTC, Mr. Stuban was required to complete a Exit Questionnaire, which he did. He was required to forward his completed Exit Questionnaire to the PTC's Human Resources Department, which he did.  He was not required to provide his completed Exit Questionnaire to his fellow employees, supervisors, and the Commissioners.   He did.   

Having read the article, which included excerpts of an interview with Mr. Stuban, and his completed Questionnaire, methinks that Sean Logan, Chairman of the PTC, doth protest too much. Whether the source of his discomfort grows out of his resemblance to certain of the remarks Mr. Stuban wrote in his Exit Questionnaire, or out of his annoyance about what he perceives as being the PTC's internal business being aired publicly, or out of something altogether different, I neither nor nor pretend to know.  Personally, I read a number of Mr. Stuban's comments as not being merely critical but as constructive criticism.  I also smiled at his self-deprecating assessment of himself as "an average" employee.  

For at least the next thirty-eight days or so, Michael Stuban has the right to speak freely, which is all he did.  Nothing more.  Nothing less. He owes no one an apology for exercising it, including but not limited to Chairman Logan and the Commissioners of the PTC. 

That being said, while I do not know how often the now-retired Mr. Stuben intends to drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike but, were I him, I would review my monthly EZ-Pass statements very, very carefully. 


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