Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The View From The Spear's Tip

Today, the eldest of the Kenny Family's grandchildren - Jessica (daughter of my oldest sister, Evan) - celebrates her birthday.  I was thinking about Jessica the other day in the context of the soon-to-be vertical expansion of my particular branch of the family tree and the "first born grandchild" status into which Suzanne/Ryan's son shall be born.  She has done yeoman's work all of these years cleaning the field for her cousins.  May the 2017 resident at the spear's tip do as well by his. 

More importantly, may it indeed be a happy day for her and for her family, which includes her life's great love, Billy, Nico, and the single-most photogenic child upon whom the sun has ever shone - Zoe...

Three Generations 
MD 2016

...who hopefully - sooner rather than later - shall outgrow her crippling case of camera shyness.  


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