Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Abbreviation Excitation

Full disclosure demands - I suppose - that I note that I as I write this, the opening tip of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. the Colorado Buffaloes in the first game of the Legends Classic, which is being played this week at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, is several hours away.   Hopefully by the time this piece appears for your reading pleasure (affording that word the broadest possible definition permitted by the Einstein Estate), the outcome shall have been decided.  If not, then I shall be taking on this work day from a significant sleep disadvantage.  Spoiler Alert:  ND 89, CU 83 in a game that, frankly, was never as close as the final score suggests it might have been.

But for the fact that this week is an abbreviated work week, the thought of driving from Parsippany into Brooklyn to watch a college basketball game from which I am guaranteed to not arrive home any earlier than 11:00 PM would have had very, very limited appeal to me.  Even if it was the chance to watch my beloved Buffs, who I last saw play in person during Coach Boyle's first season, which ended in a trip to Madison Square Garden and the semi-finals of the post-season NIT and, furthermore, even if was the chance the watch the Buffs battle the Irish with Jeff Swanson, who is one of my favorite people and a "Double Domer", which is to say he earned both his Bachelor's degree and his JD at ND.   

Fortunately (for all but the bird of honor I reckon), Thanksgiving on Thursday serves to significantly abbreviate the work week.  I am obliged to answer the bell this morning - and again tomorrow morning - but on Thursday, I am not.  Confident that I can ingest enough coffee to keep myself vertical, I availed myself of the chance to spend Monday night in the company of an old friend who I do not see nearly enough of these days. 

Once upon a lifetime ago, Jeff and I were members of the Weiner Lesniak Class of 1998. However, more than a decade ago, he heard opportunity knock and when he stepped through the open door it took him to a new home where I presume he remains content, inasmuch as he has remained there since he left here.  At one time, I had a pretty tight little crew with whom I "hung" at WL, which included Jeff, Gracie, and Devina Joiner.  DJ was the first of the three to leave the firm, which she did in the Fall of 2001.  First Jeff and, then, Gracie followed after her a few years later.  In their absence, this place has never felt the same to me.

It is for that reason that - sleep deprivation be damned - I was happy to spend Monday night in Brooklyn.  I would have been markedly happier had the Buffs won but it is what it is.  At least we had an excellent view from which to take in all of the action.

You most certainly cannot go home again.  Apparently, however, every now and again, you can at least take a slow drive through the old neighborhood.  It may not be all the time that you wish you had to spend but, in the larger scheme of things, it is nothing about which you should complain. 


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