Monday, November 28, 2016

Saturday Night in a Small Town

Saturday night the Missus and I spent a considerable amount of time in a great place, Downtown Somerville, New Jersey.  Saturday was Small Business Saturday.  It was also the official start of the Christmas season in Downtown Somerville, a celebration that included the arrival of Santa Claus and the lighting of the Christmas tree on Division Street.  

A traditional part of the Christmas season kickoff in Downtown Somerville is the presence of a couple of teams of Clydesdale horses pulling wooden wagons full of celebrants.  Margaret and I have never climbed aboard a wagon - and this year was no different - but we enjoyed, again, watching these beautiful animals do their thing as children and adults alike enjoyed their good work. 

I am a person who annually sits out "Black Friday", an occasion that once again this year I "celebrated" at work.  Candidly, I find the whole day - including but not limited to those places that open their doors on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the festivities - to be incredibly offensive.  On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy Small Business Saturday.  This year, as it is every year, it was a pitch-perfect way to greet the arrival of the Christmas season.  


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