Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh Baby, Don't You Wanna Go...

Shortly after midnight on the east coast yesterday morning, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians, 8-7, in ten innings to capture the seventh and deciding game of a World Series that, by its end, embodied the meaning of the term "Fall Classic".  For the Cubbies and their legion of die-hard, devoted fans, the 2016 World Series title breaks a championship drought that had lasted for one hundred and eight years.  

I spent this postseason rooting very hard for the Fighting Franconas so, on Wednesday night, as it had been throughout the World Series, I was cheering for the Indians to break their own sixty-eight year World Series drought.  They did not.  As a baseball fan who truly has no long-standing allegiance to either of this year's World Series teams, while I rooted for the Tribe, I nevertheless greeted the Cubs' celebration with a smile.  The Cubs and the Indians put on one hell of a show over the course of this seven-game series.  It seemed fitting that the final game - the one that would end the misery of one long-suffering fan base and exacerbate that of the other - could not be decided in regulation time.  And on the subject of time, when you have several minutes to spare (for it is not a quick read) you may want to spend it digesting Tom Verducci's exquisite piece of writing.  

A World Series 7th game that included a seventeen minute rain delay between the ninth inning and the tenth inning?  Kudos to Mother Nature for her not-too-subtle message that - for one of the two teams - the long drought was over. 

Remind me again, what is the sum of nine and nine?


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