Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Neither Bottled Nor Contained

Today is November 1.  It seems to me as if it was only yesterday that people were making preparations for welcoming the new year and now, in an eye blink, people are making similar preparations with respect to an entirely different, new year.  Even though 2016 has been a longer-than-usual year (no, it has not merely seemed to be longer due to the eternal, infernal campaign for the White House), it has still raced by at the frenetic pace with which years tend to do. 

In ninety days or so - presuming everything goes according to Hoyle - I shall mark my fiftieth birthday.  As a child, fifty was an age - and a number - that meant about as much to me as being one million years old did.  It seemed, then, as if it was a lifetime away.  Perhaps, it was.  

Perhaps, it still is.  Time will tell.  Same as it always does. 



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