Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Egg Noodles and Pot Roast

A nice thing happened yesterday.  After spending the afternoon in Monmouth County - appearing before a judge I do not know very well but like a great deal, Judge Quinn, and running into some old friends who I had not seen in quite some time, I made it home in time to eat dinner with Margaret and Joe.  

I have spent more than twenty years leaving the house at or about 4:00 am at least five days a week.  I have spent that same amount of time not returning home in time to eat dinner with my wife, children, or father-in-law.  Yesterday, however, I spent enough time in Monmouth County that by the time my business there was completed, instead of making the drive back to Parsippany, I headed for home. 

I made it home in time to eat dinner with my now-retired wife and my father-in-law.  A nice change of pace.  And quite a nice way to begin the work week.  

Springsteen is right.  It is the little things that count...

...such as egg noodles and pot roast. 


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