Thursday, November 17, 2016

Domo Arigato, There Is No Mr. Sabato...

...or Mr. Baio or Mr. Nugent.  

Perhaps, next year the Three HorseAsses of the Apocalypse will be feted by the quasi-maniacal carnival huckster scheduled to take the oath of office as the 45th President of these United States two short months from now.  That presupposes I reckon that Mike Pence and the transition team have actively begun - well, transitioning - by then.  Or, better yet, anyone remains as a member of the team by then.  The rate at which they have been atrophying thus far is more than a bit stunning.  

But I digress.

On the fifty-third anniversary of the assassination of this nation's 35th President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, this nation shall honor the twenty-one newest recipients of its highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  In its November 16, 2016 Press Release, the White House confirmed that the Poet Laureate of Freehold shall be one of this year's honorees.  It is fitting, perhaps that Springsteen be among this year's Medal winners.  In 2009, at the completion of President Obama's first year in office, Springsteen was one of five winners of the Kennedy Center Honors and the recipient of some truly wonderful remarks, courtesy of President Obama, which included the classic, "I'm the President, but he's the Boss" line:

This year's Medal of Freedom recipients' list represents a wonderful cross-section of all that is extraordinary about this country.  Not only is Springsteen on it, along with Vin Scully, Ellen DeGeneres, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Margaret Hamilton, but the Admiral, Grace Murray Hopper, is on it too.  

Admiral Hopper attended the Hartridge School in Plainfield, New Jersey, which merged with the Wardlaw Country Day School in the mid-1970's to form the Wardlaw-Hartridge School (a/k/a "the Alma mater").  Jill's class, the Class of '83, was the school's graduating class in its Centennial year (Wardlaw having been founded in 1882) and Admiral Hopper was the Commencement Speaker.  If only W-H had had the budget - back in the day - the people seated places other than on the podium next to Admiral Hopper might have heard a single word of her address.  If only...

Wilma has another connection to this year's list.  In 1987, when Jill and Joe graduated from CU-Boulder, the university bestowed an honorary degree on the Sundance Kid, Robert Redford.  I remember - almost thirty years later - how excited Mom was by the fact that Redford was going to be in the Events Center with us.  Somewhere, someplace, she probably still has the blurry picture of him that she snapped off - from half an arena away - when he walked up to accept his prize.  

Whether it has attained "china cabinet" status, I know not, although I certainly have my suspicions...



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