Sunday, October 2, 2016

With Heartfelt Thanks...

It was slightly more than six months ago that I requested - and was granted - a slot on the Stomp the Monster NYC Marathon Team.  It is a slot that carried with it a fundraising obligation of $2,750.00.  I am notoriously poor at asking anyone for help, a failing that is exacerbated when the "help" for which I am asking is money.  Sadly, it matters not that the money for which I am ask is not for me but is, instead, for a good cause.  Or, as it is in the case of Stomp the Monster, a great cause. 

Yesterday, upon receiving the thirty-sixth donation to my fundraising effort, I fulfilled my fundraising obligation to the good folks of Stomp the Monster.  $2,750.00 has, in fact, been contributed to my cause.  Thus, from a fundraising perspective, I have earned my keep. 

On November's first Sunday, I shall look to earn it all the way from the Staten Island side of the Verrazano Bridge to Central Park.  That part of it I must do by myself.  But this part?  This part of it could not have been accomplished without the help of a great many people.  My thanks to one and to all.  

The support is appreciated more than I can adequately express...

...verbally or otherwise. 


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