Friday, October 7, 2016

To Be Irish...

I am Irish every day have been every second of every day for almost fifty years.  Both sides of the family tree are densely populated by Hibernian branches.  I relate reflexively to Senator Moynihan's words.  Years of conditioning I suppose. 

And then I come across a story such as this particularly horrible one out of Kerrville, Texas.  Ask not what type of person would (according to his family) allegedly lure a 10-year-old boy who displays autistic tendencies and has difficulty speaking and hearing into a field, douse him in gasoline, and set him on fire.  Do not ask that question unless you are prepared to learn its answer, which is three other boys, ranging in ages from nine to eleven.  In fairness to the three boys who authorities in Texas believe to be involved, the authorities as of Thursday appeared uncertain whether what happened was an accident or deliberate.   

I know not whether young Kayden Culp is Irish.  Today he is whether he wants to be or not. May the world have a modicum of mercy upon him and his family and find another's heart to break.  This brave little boy has endured enough already.   

More, in fact, than he ever should have had to endure, whether he was the unfortunate victim of an accident or the deliberate target of an ambush.


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