Saturday, October 29, 2016

Still Struggling To Be Homeward Bound

The hurricane party's winding down,
and we're all waiting for the end.
And I don't want another drink, 
I only want that last one again.

Four years ago today, a severely-pissed off piece of weather named Sandy hung a left turn while rampaging her way up the Atlantic Coast and dropped Mother Nature's hammer on New Jersey. Countless people in this state's coastal communities, whether on the ocean or on a bay, suffered incredible, life-altering, devastating losses.  Those of us who live inland fared better, by and large, although rare was the Jersey resident who emerged from Sandy unscathed.  At our home in Middlesex County, a considerable distance inland, the Missus and I were without electricity and heat until Election Day. We were - and still are - among the more fortunate people we know in terms of what Sandy did to us.  

Today, four years after Superstorm Sandy inundated New Jersey, her effect is still being felt. Homeowners, including those who have actively participated in the State-created and operated programs established to help get homes rebuilt and the families who had lived in them prior to October 29, 2012, find themselves facing foreclosure on homes that - to date - remain uninhabitable. 

I do not pretend to know all of the ins and outs of the rebuilding process and the programs, at the State and Federal level, set up to provide assistance to the homeowners whose homes Sandy destroyed.  It seems almost incredible to me (and not in a good way) that four years after taking Sandy's knockout punch, people are still prone on the canvas.  

I know not what is to be done for them.  Four years further on up the road it seems to me that it is an intellectually difficult argument to make or accept that whatever has been done to date has been a success.  


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