Friday, October 14, 2016

'Neath the Cover of October Skies

Later on today, the Missus and I shall make the short trip over to Wardlaw-Hartridge for the annual Alumni Awards Ceremony, which is the final act of Homecoming/Fall Fair Day, which is a day replete with great stuff to do at W-H.  We will not be able to be on campus any earlier than the Alumni Awards Ceremony but, if you are in the Edison, New Jersey area, and are looking for a place to spend a picture-perfect Fall Saturday, then I heartily suggest you make a bit of time to stop by 1295 Inman Avenue in Edison.  You shall not be disappointed.  

And if you cannot be in the area during the early portion of the day, I am confident in predicting that if you are in attendance at this evening's Alumni Awards Ceremony, you shall not go home disappointed either.  Among the individual honorees are two of the most gifted high school athletes I ever had the pleasure to see play live and in person:  Eloise Cordasco (Class of '81) and Steven Maxwell (Class of '82).  Also being enshrined this evening in the school's Athletic Hall-of-Fame is Ryan Hegna, Class of '99, whose acquaintance I have never had the pleasure of making and who I am very much looking forward to meeting.  His name appears with stunning frequency in the school's record book for its swimming program.  In addition to these three individual athletes, the school is honoring its golf teams that were - from 1980 through 1982 - as dominant in their realm as Joe Torre's 1998 through 2000 New York Yankees were in theirs. 

A true hero of mine is being honored today with the school's Annual Distinguished Alumna Award. Justice Bridget McCormack, an Associate Justice on the State of Michigan's Supreme Court is a credit to our shared profession as well as to our shared Alma mater.   I attend the Alumni Awards Ceremony every October and she is as deserving a recipient of any honor as any honoree that has ever been so feted.  On top of everything else, she is the only honoree in school history to be endorsed by EVERY significant member of a Presidential Administration.

She was even endorsed by President Bartlett's Deputy National Security Advisor, Kate Harper, who has a well-earned reputation for being a bit difficult to impress. 

Last but not least - and actually first in the hearts of the program-maker - WPK, Sr. is being honored today as this year's recipient of the school's Distinguished Faculty Award.  He is the first teacher to be honored posthumously.  At last count, I think ten members of the Kenny clan are scheduled to make the journey to W-H to be part of the celebration of Dad's career and, moreover, his legacy.  

Since he is - well - unavailable I shall make some remarks on his behalf.  Just for fun, I am going to make them in Latin.  

Dave Lackland will be at the podium with me to handle the translation.  

Res Ipsa Loquitur indeed.

Res Ipsa Loquitur


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