Sunday, October 9, 2016

Island Life

I am starting to sense a trend here.  

Slightly more than five months ago, on May 1, I ran the New Jersey Marathon in monsoon-like conditions.  A decidedly unpleasant day on which to run. 

This morning, in conditions that also promise to be decidedly unpleasant, I shall run from one end of Long Beach Island to the other.  Eighteen miles beginning on LBI's southern tip, in Holgate, and wrapping up at the island's northern tip, at Barnegat Lighthouse.  A fairly challenging endeavor.  

Today's forecast for LBI calls for rain and twenty-five mile per hour to thirty-five mile per hour winds.  Coming out of the north.   There is no wind quite like a head wind.  

Ought to be one hell of an evil day.  A necessary evil.  NYC Marathon is three weeks from today.  No guarantee that the weather then will be any better than it is now.  Since not running on that Sunday is not an option, neither is not running today.  


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