Thursday, October 13, 2016

Feeling Like A Number

67429 to be precise. 

2016 NYC Marathon Confirmation Card

My fellow Team Stomp the Monster member and running companera, Gidg, and I are fellow travelers in Wave 4 and Corral A.  My sister, Kara, who is breaking her NYC Marathon maiden this year (as is Gidg) is also in Wave 4, Corral F.  All three of us are in the Wave that begins its journey at 11:00 a.m.  All three of us are in "Green" as well.  I learned - from reading information provided by a man who this year shall run in his 38th NYC Marathon - that being in the Green Wave means that we shall traverse the Verrazano Bridge on the left side of the bridge's lower deck.  Last year, as an Orange, I began the race on the upper deck of the Verrazano.  Statistically speaking, if I opt out of running the race and decide to hurl myself off of the bridge instead, I have a marginally better chance of surviving the fall from the lower deck than I would have had from the upper deck.  I kid, of course.  From that height, hitting water is akin to hitting concrete.  It is a distinction without a difference.

Margaret is happy that she shall be able to go to Central Park with Rob and watch the elite runners cross the finish line, which they shall do at or about the same time as Wave 4 begins our journey through the five boroughs, without worrying about missing me on the course.  On the other hand, I thought this was the year that I might be able to compete for the prize money.  Starting at 11:00 AM makes that considerably more difficult than it might have otherwise been. The superstar among our group, my brother-in-law Russ (Kara's husband), begins his marathon at 9:50 a.m. as part of Wave 1, which will make it really, really hard to catch up with him before he hits Central Park.

Maybe next year...


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