Saturday, October 22, 2016

Come What May...

Every action of our lives touches on some chord
That will vibrate in eternity. 
- Sean O'Casey

Today, in a church on Staten Island, Judi, who is the eldest child of Margaret's cousin, SalliJo and SalliJo's husband, Kevin, shall take such an action.  She shall marry her fiance, Rob, in front of the couple's families and friends. 

Margaret and I shall be in attendance at the wedding, as shall Joe.  Suzanne and Ryan are making the journey across the water from the Jersey side as well.  I am not certain whether Mother Nature shall grace the happy couple with weather as delightful as the day's circumstances deserve or, perhaps, something less so.  While weather is always a wedding-day concern, in the long run it matters not. 

They marry today - not simply for the day - but hopefully forever, which time frame shall undoubtedly include at least one or two less-than-ideal days, speaking in terms both metaphorical and meteorological.  Today's UV rating has no legs.  Whatever it is, its significance dissipates upon the snapping of the day's final photograph. 

The important stuff?  Much like the day's photographs, it is intended to last a lifetime.


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