Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Twenty-Eight Shall Have To Wait

2016 will not be the year that ends with a ticker tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes in celebration of the 28th World Series in the history of the New York Yankees.  Whether 2017 shall be I cannot pretend to know.  I nevertheless am excited for what the future appears to hold for the Yankees.  For the first time in twenty years they appear poised to begin a season with a core of young, homegrown talent.  

Then again one never knows whether the Silver Spoon Boys will stay the course and whether August 2016's action plan will bear any resemblance whatsoever to April 2017's action plan.  

Given what is on the national docket on the first Tuesday after the first Monday this November, maybe it will not make any difference what the hell the Yankees opt to do.  

Let's just hope we are all still here on Opening Day.  


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