Sunday, September 18, 2016

Off and Running...One More Time

Yet another departure from this space's regularly-scheduled programming - and, once again, the departure is for the very best of reasons. 

It was seven-plus years ago that Margaret's mom, the tough-as-nails Suzy B., finally was vanquished by the cancer that tormented her for the final five-plus years of her life.  Out of that terrible occurrence, a beautiful thing has grown.  

Today, the eighth iteration of Sue's Crew shall lace up our running shoes.  Once again this year, as we did in 2014 and again in 2015, we shall run in the Janice Garbolino Memorial 5K, which has a gun time in Edison Township's Roosevelt Park of 8:30 a.m. 

And once again this year, as has been the case each of the eight years in which we have run, our Crew has proven itself to be a living, breathing organism, comprised of both longstanding members - such as the Missus, Gidg, Lynne, Suzanne, Ryan, Connie, the Navas Family, and Arnold - and new members.  This year's new Crew members include my brother Bill and his daughter/my niece, Michelle, SarahLyn, Allyson, Peggy, and Chris.  

All in all, I think there shall be somewhere between twenty-five and thirty of us in Roosevelt Park this morning.  It is a testament to the men, women, and children who support our effort annually that such a sizable number of them surrender a weekend morning - this year it is a Sunday morning - to support a cause that is so dear to Margaret, to me, and to our family.  

Cancer is an insidious disease.  In the seven-plus years since it took my mother-in-law's life, it has also killed Diana Kizis (a/k/a "Hazel"), the matriarch of the Kizis clan, and my brother-in-law Glenn Hubner (better known by the sobriquet bestowed upon him by his wife/my big sister, Evan "MWH"). It has set upon - and continues to wreak havoc upon - other members of our Crew as well and their families.  It continues to hit close to home because it hits in any home at any time, without warning and without regard for the destruction and despair it leaves in its wake.  It is most assuredly a monster that needs to be stomped.   This morning, we intend to do precisely that. 

The Irish poet Sean O'Casey wrote, "Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity."  

May the sound our footsteps make this morning echo forever. 


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