Monday, September 5, 2016

Life and Times

FF Robert Minara FDNY
Ladder 25

At age 54, FF Robert J. Minara of Ladder 25 in Manhattan was older than a great many of his colleagues at the house that he called his home in the FDNY.  He was a twenty-five year veteran of the FDNY, which career began only after he had served this nation with distinction as a member of the United States Navy in Vietnam.  FF Minara served aboard the USS Boston and during his military career earned multiple service medals, awards, and ribbons. 

He was fifty years young in 1997 when he graduated summa cum laude from John Jay College of Criminal Justice ("Go Bloodhounds!") with a degree in Fire Science.  As someone whose fiftieth birthday is less than five months away, while I know not how I shall be marking it, I know that I shall not be doing so by attaining a degree - and with high honors no less.  That is a feat I could not accomplish three decades ago - let alone now. 

FF Minara was one of seven members of Ladder 25 who died on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center.  All seven of them perished in the collapse of the South Tower. 

Ladder 25 Memorial 

His sister-in-law, Joann Denny, who is a singer-songwriter, recorded a musical tribute to him that - if you find yourself with four-plus free minutes to spare on this Labor Day holiday - you might want to consider checking out.  


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