Friday, September 30, 2016

In Celebration of Open Season...

I run.  I run for pleasure and for exercise.  I run year-round.  There are certain times of the year, here in the State of Concrete Gardens, when our weather lends itself better to running outdoors than certain other times of the year.  Unless you are reading this from your home under a rock, or you are Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, you understand what times of the year in New Jersey fall under the heading of "less than ideal" conditions in which to run outdoors. 

As much as I love the summer, I must confess that the early autumn is my favorite time of the year. For the first time since early Spring, I drive around with my car's moon roof open and I sleep with my bedroom windows open.  I love fresh air.  I have no aversion to sweating - as long as I am doing so while working or exercising or engaging in some type of physical activity that gives rise to the perspiration.  On the other hand, I cannot stand sweating while doing something mundane, such as reading, watching television, driving my car, or sleeping.  Thus, once the temperature parks itself above a certain elevation, my windows are closed and my air conditioning is on non-stop. 

I hope each year, as we get into the second half of September and, thereafter, into October that we will be have the chance to enjoy at least a few weeks of "open window" season.  If the decision was solely mine to make, our bedroom windows would stay open all winter.  I am that asshole who - in the depths of January and February - runs outdoors in shorts.  As long as I wear a hat and gloves, I have all of the cold-weather gear I need.  The Missus, on the other hand, gets cold rather easily. She takes a decidedly dim view of hypothermia.   She may be little but on a certain level she terrifies me.  Thus, when she informs me that "open window" season is over, I assure you that it is over. 

I realize that the weather in these parts, for the next several days at least, is supposed to favor water fowl as opposed to bipeds.  Unless it starts raining horizontally and coming through our windows, we shall stand fast and enjoy the crisp, cool air that accompanies the precipitation.  For the "open window" season is far too short to sacrifice any of its days.  

To borrow a line from Tom Petty, "It's over before you know it. It all goes by so fast..."


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