Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Word of Thanks...

One final deviation from this space's regularly-scheduled programming.  

The Missus and I, once again, want to thank everyone who gave up some of their precious time (and the older we get the more precious a commodity it becomes) on Sunday morning to participate in the Janice Garbolino 5K Color Run & Walk as a member of Sue's Crew VIII.  Bill and Michelle came down from Connecticut.  SalliJo, Kevin, Judi, and Rob traveled west from Staten Island.  The State of Concrete Gardens was well-represented thanks to the Aldrich family (Suz and Ryan), the Navas family (Walmis, Diego x 2, and Daniel), the Gonzalez family (Yvette and Matthew) all contributing multiple Crew members to the cause.  

The Missus has already decreed that Sue's Crew shall run ten times and then shall run no more. Further evidence I suppose of the precious nature of time.   We are two years away from its final appearance and a part of me already has a sense for how much I shall miss it. 

Sue's Crew VIII (only Lynne and Jeff are missing from 
team photo. Both stealthily arrived after it was taken)

Thanks also to Gidg, who annually takes on the responsibility of working with Doctor T-Shirt to come up with a look and a design for our team shirts, and who then handles the t-shirt pick-up from Doctor T-Shirt and, thereafter, is the point person on team shirt distribution.  

A huge thank you as well to Margaret's brother Frank, Frank's son, Joe, and Frank's daughter, Nicole. This year, none of them participated in the run itself (although Nic is a charter Crew member and I suspect will be back among our number next September).  What they did for us, however, was incredible.  Frank opened the doors of his restaurant, Jozanna's, for a private/team-only brunch on Sunday morning.  

The food was extraordinary and - for at least a little while - appeared to be never-ending.  I contemplated going for a five-mile run on Sunday afternoon just to work off at least some of the food I ate at Jozanna's following the morning's run.  

I opted for a nap instead.    


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