Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Toeing the Service Line

"Everyone calls my dad a hero, 
but I already knew that.
God has made my dad one of his policemen.
Now, he's protecting heaven."
- Joseph P. Vigiano, Jr. 
(September 2001 - Age 8)

There may not be a family in the great storied annals of New York City that has a tradition of fearless, selfless sacrifice in the protection of others that is greater than that of the Vigiano family.  

FF John Vigiano, Jr. of Ladder 132 in Brooklyn was a third-generation member of the FDNY.  His father, John Vigiano, Sr. retired from the FDNY after having attained the rank of Captain.  When Junior joined the FDNY, he asked for - and was given - Badge 3436, which had been his grandfather's.   On September 11, 2001, FF Vigiano died at the Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan, to which he had responded in order to do what it is he did best:  Assist those in need.  He was last seen in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel, which served that morning as a staging area for the first responders. 

His younger brother, Joseph P. Vigiano, Sr., died that morning as well.  When last seen on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Detective Vigiano, who was a member of the NYPD's elite Emergency Services Unit 2, was in the North Tower somewhere between the thirtieth and thirty-fifth floors when the building collapsed

In July, 2016, now-twenty-three-year-old Joseph P. Vigiano, Jr., having already served this country as a United States Marine, was one of six hundred NYPD recruits sworn in by Commissioner William Bratton.  Presuming that the younger Vigiano successfully completes his training at the NYPD Police Academy, he shall become a fourth generation first responder.  

The latest in the long line of Vigianos in the service of the people of the City of New York.  As if either the family or the City would have it any other way. 


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