Saturday, August 6, 2016

Three To Get Ready...

Today is August 6.  Three sixths from now (not to be confused with one-half) is NYC Marathon Sunday.  My sister, Kara, and my running companera, Gidg, are both breaking their marathon maiden this year.  

Kara had the good fortune that shined upon me last year and won a slot in the lottery.  Gidg and I are participating as part of Team Stomp The Monster, which runs to raise money for a great, Jersey-based, grass-roots cancer charity that does good deeds for our friends, neighbors, and loved ones right here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  

Several months ago, when I first became a member of Team STM, I promised/threatened in this space that every now and again I would play the role of "needy baby/greedy baby" and ask for your support.  To my amazement, the response to date has been overwhelming.  I am amazed not because of the quality of those providing the assistance but because of their willingness to overlook just what an asshole I am to help people whose appreciation of the help you provide exceeds by leaps and bounds their ability to adequately express how much it means to them.  

I, too, am similarly afflicted.  


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