Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Journey to the Jubilee

I'll meet you at the Jubilee,
If that Jubilee don't come
Maybe I'll meet you on the run.
- Grateful Dead

FF Robert Linnane, 33, was still a relatively new member of the FDNY when he and his brothers from Ladder 20 died in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  He had joined the department slightly less than two years earlier.  Ladder 20, which proved to be his final assignment, was also his second assignment, having moved over to Manhattan after beginning his FDNY career as part of Engine 219/Ladder 105 in Brooklyn. 

He joined the FDNY after having spent eight years working for Delta Airlines.  He pushed himself to ensure that - when his opportunity to join the FDNY presented itself after he had already celebrated his 30th birthday - he would be able to make the most of that opportunity.  He knew it would not likely come his way again.  His friends jokingly made fun of his utter absence of fashion sense. Perhaps being required to wear a uniform, which eliminated choice from his day-to-day wardrobe, was one of the things that drew him towards the life he ultimately chose.  If it was, then it was only a small part of the total picture, paling in comparison beside his desire to help others, which was paramount. 

It has been said that if you work doing something that you love, then you never work a day your entire life.  In September, 2001, FF Linnane was doing something that he loved, in the company of those he held most dear and to whom he entrusted his life as they did theirs in him.  He spent his final moments in this life with them.  

One last gathering at the Jubilee...


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