Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Continuation of My Never-Ending Education

Among the many benefits of being not particularly bright and having two adult offspring who are both blessed by a boundless amount of intellectual curiosity is that I frequently am the recipient of knowledge courtesy of one - or both - of the aforementioned adults.  Truth be told, it happens far more frequently than I have the limited arithmetic skills to accurately calculate.  Just yesterday, it happened again.  This time around, Rob was the one playing the role of teacher. 

Full disclosure demands that I acknowledge that neither before nor after I read the knowledge that Rob bestowed upon me did I have any idea who the individual is who is identified as the information's source.  I discovered upon doing a quick Google search of him who Jim Rohn was, including that he died in December, 2009 approximately three months after his seventy-ninth birthday.   

The kernel of Rohn's information that Rob shared was the type of information that usually appeals to me because it is simple and straightforward.  It does not contain a lot of east/west obfuscation.  And, to my way of thinking at least, it makes a hell of a lot of sense because - at least as I interpreted it - it reinforces the point that we need not await the arrival of a "big thing", a sea change if you will, to positively impact ourselves and the world we inhabit.  

More often than not, it is not the "big thing" that makes a difference.  Instead it is the amalgam of the innumerable "little things" that are - in the head and in the heart of the person performing them and the person receiving their benefit - anything but little.

"The Rules of Rohn" 

Five rules:  Easy to understand, important to apply.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Every day.  



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