Monday, August 15, 2016

Son Rise

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, as a direct result of the courage that he showed aboard doomed United Flight 93, the family of Todd Beamer was jarringly thrust into the spotlight.  For weeks and months thereafter, they lived under a media microscope, which was fueled in no small part by the very public profile that Beamer's widow, Lisa Beamer, maintained.  

But eventually the spotlight dims.  The media moves on to other stories.  Those of us not directly impacted by the particular event move on to other things.  We turn our attention back to our own day-to-day.  

For Todd Beamer's family, as for the families of all of the other victims of the mass, coordinated cowardice that took the lives of almost three thousand innocents fifteen Septembers ago, life had to go on.  He was gone.  Life, however, had to be lived.  Time, after all, waits for no one.  

David Beamer was the older of Todd and Lisa Beamer's two sons, to whom a third child, daughter Morgan, would be added six months after Todd's death.  At the time of his father's death, David Beamer was three years old.  

In September, David Beamer shall begin his freshman year at Wheaton College in Illinois, which is his parents' Alma mater.  Beamer graduated this past June from Princeton High School, where he quarterbacked the football team.  Apparently, his high school team was not particularly good.  Beamer, on the other hand, was.  Good enough in fact to be selected to play in the 2016 Sunshine Classic, a high-school all-star football game between two teams filled with the best players from Burlington, Hunterdon, and Mercer Counties.  

David Beamer tore up the 2016 Sunshine Classic.  He attempted eighteen passes, of which he completed sixteen for 189 yards and two touchdowns.  For good measure, he also ran for two touchdowns.  He was named the game's MVP.  

More often than not, all-star football games turn out to be rather pedestrian affairs, given that coaches and kids from different schools have limited practice time in which to try to come together and form a cohesive unit.  Not every eighteen-year-old is blessed with the ability to lead a group of people whose acquaintance he, himself, has just made.  Apparently, young David Beamer is so blessed. 

Apples and trees.  Apples and trees.


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