Friday, August 26, 2016

In the Time of Nick

FF Nicholas Rossomando
Rescue 5 - FDNY

On September 11, 2001, eleven members of Rescue 5, which is one of the FDNY's elite Rescue units (this one based in Staten Island) died while saving others in the maelstrom that was Lower Manhattan.  Of the eleven men from Rescue 5 who perished that day, five of them had not even been on duty when Rescue 5 responded to the World Trade Center.  They simply were in the house, having just completed their tours, when the alarm sounded.  They did what men of that character do.  They headed straight into Hell with their mates as fast as they could. 

FF Nicholas Rossomando, 35, was one of the five off-duty members of Rescue 5 who perished alongside his brothers on that terrible Tuesday morning.  He simply was not wired in such a way that he could have watched them head off to take on the monster that awaited them and not have done everything within his power to help them.  He was a man quick to help others, both on the job and off of it. 

He joined the FDNY in 1996.  Rescue 5 was the third and final stop in a career that began with Ladder Co. 228 in Brooklyn and, thereafter, a stint with Ladder Co. 113 in Brooklyn.  He found his niche as a member of Rescue 5, where he could utilize his athleticism, his intellect, and his creativity to solve the problems that the Rescue companies are tasked to solve.  He served there with distinction.

For some of us, taking care of others comes naturally.  We go about reflexively, without having to be prompted or reminded.  Nicholas Rossomando was such a person.  Whether it was his family (his mom and his three younger siblings), his fiance and her young son, or the men and women of the City of New York, he knew no other way.  He left this world far too soon.  

And he left it a better place for his having been here.


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