Sunday, August 14, 2016

I Have a Picture...

The other morning as I was searching for something in my desk I came across some photographs that I had not looked at in close to forever.  Photographs from a lifetime ago.  Some of them were not worth finding and, upon stumbling upon them, I threw them out.  On the other hand, there were some of them that I was happy to have found. 

I am the youngest of six.  Jill is my older sibling who is closest to me in age.  She is slightly more than two years older than I am.  For all but the final two years I spent at W-H and the final two years that I spent at CU, every year I spent in school, I spent with Jill.  Had she liked Notre Dame, which is where she spent her freshman year after graduating from W-H, then I not only never would never have even visited Boulder - let alone attended college there.  I would have followed her to Indiana. Instead of something cool like Ralphie, my college mascot would have been that demented little leprechaun.   Who the hell - other than the Republican National Convention - wants Lou Holtz as a mascot? 

Truth be told, the time we spent going to school together was much easier for me than it was for Jill. I am an asshole.  However, I am actually less of an asshole now than I was when I was in high school and - especially - college.  Sobriety counts for something apparently.  When we went to school together, I never had to apologize to anyone for anything she did or failed to do.  Unfortunately, it was a skill she put to considerable use, particularly while we were in Boulder.      

I think that Kara took the photograph of Jill and me standing outside of the Coors Events Center shortly after I graduated from CU on May 12, 1989.  Looking at it - even all these years later - makes me smile.  That was a happy day.  When you are a twenty-two-year-old asshole, you think those days just might last forever.  They do not, of course.  

If nothing else, you have the evidence that they once did.


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