Thursday, August 11, 2016

For Those Times When I Stay Too Long...

It happened forever
For a short time
A place for a moment
- The Motels

Bit of a programming note.  One month from today is the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.  As is my practice, this space shall - starting on Monday - be turned into one that shall be devoted to telling a September 11-related story every day through Sunday, September 11, 2016.  I believe earnestly that it is the responsibility of those of us who are here presently to honor the lives of those who died that day by ensuring that their memory remains alive.  Such daily bread may not sit well with your internal constitution.  If it does not, then feel free to part company.  

It is not always easy for me to wrap my brain around the fact that the 2016 NYC Marathon shall be upon me (and upon Gidg and upon Kara and the 50,000 or so close personal friends who shall keep us company on our five-borough trek) in relatively short order.  On a eighty-five-plus degree Thursday in August, it can be hard to keep at least one eye focused on November's first Sunday, a day that shall likely differ considerably (from a meteorological perspective at least) from today.  

It does, however, get late early around here.  For me, Sunday shall kick off a new week of marathon training with a ten-mile run.  From this point forward, until I begin the tapering process for the Marathon, each Sunday shall bring with it a run of ever-expanding length.  

This past Sunday was a beautiful day on which to run, which I did.  My eight-mile training run took me north from Belmar to Asbury Park and, thereafter, south to home.  The days are a bit shorter now than they were just thirty days ago.  Now, if I am able to get out of the house and in gear without too much self-created drama, I can actually make it to our beach (three blocks from home) before the sun has risen.  On Sunday morning, I accomplished that particular mission.  

17th Avenue Beach - Belmar (8/7/16)

I find it to be useful exercise to take photographs while I run because I make it a point to take as many of the photos as I can while I am in motion.  When my run is completed, I can get a bit of a sense as to how I was striding by the clarity - or lack thereof - of the photographs.  Sometimes they come out well.  Sometimes, not so much.  This past Sunday, I managed to score several keepers. 

Sun coming up over pier  - Belmar Fishing Club

Sunrise over Shark River Inlet (8/7/16)

Sunrise through the Avon Pavilion (8/7/16) 

The Carousel Building - Asbury Park (8/7/16)

Tunnel of Love Mural - South Wall  of the Wonder Bar
Asbury Park (8/7/16)



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