Thursday, August 25, 2016

Big Bill

FF William Krukowski packed an extraordinary amount of living in the far-too-short time he was given in which to live.  He rode a motorcycle.  He jumped out of airplanes.  And, when he gave up both of those passions, he rode his bicycle from his home in Bayside, Queens to his house, Ladder Company 21 in Manhattan.  He was just about four months away from celebrating his thirty-seventh birthday when he died at Ground Zero on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  

He had been on the job for approximately three years when he responded to Lower Manhattan on what proved to be the final morning of his life.  His wife, Lisa, remembers that he had wanted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and become part of the FDNY for as long as the couple knew each other and that it took an agonizing five or six years after he applied to the FDNY before he was hired.  In addition to making sure that she provided the FDNY with their new address and phone number any time the couple moved, he also had her send the FDNY a Christmas card each year so that they would not forget about him and know, also, that he had not forgotten about them

Lisa and FF Krukowski's  son, Bill, have created an extraordinary memorial to him.  She created it ten years after his death and it is maintained presently.  I spent a bit of time there yesterday as I was obtaining information about him in preparation of writing this piece.  If you have a moment or two today, might I suggest you do likewise.  It is time well spent. 

As was the time he spent here in this world.  Each and every day of it, including but not limited to his last. 

FF William E. Krukowski
Ladder Co. 21 - FDNY

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