Saturday, July 16, 2016

Like a Lemon to a Lime, a Lime to a Lemon

Was it not just Memorial Day?  Today commences the back half of the summer of '16.  We have already passed the halfway point of July.  It never ceases to amaze me the speed with which time moves.  As I get older, I cannot help but notice that its pace is not simply fast, but frighteningly so.  

Thus far, I have very much enjoyed this summer.  The Missus and I have found much happiness in our little Paradise by the Sea.  I have zero interest in speed-dialing my way through the second half of it.  

That being said, I am pleased that on Thursday morning, I purchased two tickets for a November college hoops game at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn.  My beloved Buffs are coming east, which they rarely do, and playing in a tournament right before Thanksgiving in which the other three teams are Northwestern, the University of Texas, and Notre Dame.  As luck (whether good or bad shall not be known for some time) would have it, on Monday, November 21, which is the tournament's first night, CU is playing Notre Dame.  

A lifetime ago, a gentleman who has become one of my favorite people (a designation that subjects him to wide-spread condemnation to be sure), Jeff Swanson, and I began our careers at the Firm together.  Our first day was January 5, 1998.  In the almost twenty years since Day One, each of us has left the Firm although my departure proved to be temporary whereas his has proven not to be.  For years I tried to prevail upon him to return but my efforts were unsuccessful.  Last year, I gave up on him and instead recruited his wife, who is a legal secretary, to join us instead.  Presently, Laura works at the Firm for one of my partners. 

Jeff is a Notre Dame alumni.  Back in the day, I used to refer to him as a "Double Domer", in consideration of the fact that his undergraduate degree and his law degree were attained under the watchful eye of the Touchdown Jesus.  Over the years we have ribbed each other (somewhat mercilessly at times) over the athletic exploits or foibles (depending on the facts then and there presented) of each other's alma mater.  

Thus, when I saw that CU shall play ND in our backyard (metaphorically speaking anyway), I immediately reached out to my pal, Mr. Swanson, to see if he wanted to attend the game, which he did.  One less-than-three-minute transaction later, I had purchased two tickets for November's game. 

I am telling myself that irrespective of the outcome, it will be a hell of a nice night, simply hanging out with a long-time friend, watching college basketball.  Just in case, however, I found a site on-line where I could obtain a DVD copy of the 1995 Fiesta Bowl.  

If the Buffs lose in Brooklyn, I will give it to Jeff for Christmas. 


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